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Division of Nano Life Science

Opening up unexplored nano area
in the world's
most advanced research center "WPI NanoLSI".

New division was created in collaboration with the Nano Life Science Institute at Graduate School of Frontier Science Initiative at Kanazawa university in April 2020.

What kind of researcher do you want to be in the Division of Nano Life Science ?

The aim of the program is to nurture research personnel who will pioneer "untried nano-regions" by utilizing the research outcomes of the Nano Life Science Institute at Kanazawa University, which is conducting world-class research.

Image of human resources to be fostered.

With an insatiable spirit of inquiry and a high aspiration to contribute to people, science, and society, we are developing the following research personnel who will use the world's most advanced SPM technology (Scanning Probe Microscope) to measure and control the dynamics and behavior of atoms and molecules at the nano-level in the fields of life and materials science in order to pioneer unexplored nano area.

Human resources involved in the research and development of innovative nanoscale dynamic measurement technologies such as high performance SPM.

Human resources who can apply advanced measurement technologies to research to elucidate biological phenomena at nano level

Active in diverse sectors, especially academia

  • Research positions at domestic and international institutions of higher education and research
  • Research positions in the private sector, mainly in the biomedical field

Specialized Fields of Study in the Division of Nano Life Science

There are four specialized fields of study in the Division of Nano Life Science

Direct observation and understanding of nano-phenomena that cannot be observed with conventional microscopic techniques in order to explore unexplored nanoregions

Design and synthesis of molecular complexes for probes and other applications that will lead to the development of innovative nano-measurement technologies

Elucidation of the mechanisms of life by applying nano-design technology to elucidate the dynamics at the cellular level

Multi-scale simulations to understand the dynamics of atoms and molecules from experimental results obtained from measurements

Supervisors, Degrees and Careers


They are world-class researchers, mainly from the Nano Life Science Institute.You will be able to grow as a researcher who can demonstrate your strength in research and development through friendly competition and experiencing the hardships of research together.


Degrees and Careers

The degree "Master of Nanoscience" is conferred to those who have completed the master's program. The degree "Doctor of Philosophy in Nanoscience" is conferred to those who have completed the doctoral program. Possible career paths after completion of the program include research positions at domestic and international institutions of higher education and research, and research positions at private companies, mainly in the biomedical field.

Past employment opportunities for students supervised by their advisor (e.g.)
Master's program
Hokuriku Electric Power Company, Panasonic, Nippon Steel, Terumo Corporation, Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. , NTT West, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Kyocera Corporation, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd. , Sekisui Chemical Co.,Ltd. ,Daicel Corporation, Fujitsu, Megmilk Snow Brand, Toyobo Co.,Ltd. ,Nippon Gene Co.,Ltd.
Doctoral Program
Kanazawa University, University of Tabriz, Kyushu University,Yamagata University, Tosoh Corporation, Nissan Chemical Corporation, Sumitomo Chemical